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VSMN10 Strukturdynamiska beräkningar

Course program

Program  2017 (mod. 22/12-16)

Course program update 10/2-17

Home exercises

These five home exercises should be solved and handed in:

Home ex. 1

Home ex. 2 

Home ex. 3  

Home ex. 4  

Home ex. 5 

Guest Lectures 2017

There will be a guest lecture given by Ola Flode'n on vibration transmission in lightweight buildings. Ola has recently defended his PhD thesis and will also talk about what it means to be a PhD student.

Date, time, and place: 23/2 kl 13.15-14.30 in V:P1 

Project 1

Project description 2017

Lab schedule 2017

Comments on how to write the reports for Project 1 & 2 are given here

Lecture on measurement techniques

slides here

Project 2 in 2017

Project assignment 2

The Lab schedule for Project 2:  21/2 and 22/2 see mail


Comments on how to write the reports for Project 1 & 2 are given here 


ABAQUS - tutorials

ABAQUS Tutorial 1 - Solid modelling

ABAQUS Tutorial 2 - Shell modelling

ABAQUS Tutorial 3 - Assemblies

ABAQUS Tutorial 4 - Dynamic analyses


Lecture by Kent Persson on Finite element modelling and analysis with ABAQUS:

Abaqus FEA 


Presentations proj. 2: (updated 3/3 -17)

Presentations will be held on Thuesday 14/3 kl 9-12 at Structural Mechanics conference room on floor five.

Instructions for presentations and opposition 

Solved examples

Here are some solved examples from lecture 21/2-12:

Examples & solutions


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