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VSMN10 Strukturdynamiska beräkningar

Course program

Program 2020 

Home exercises

These five home exercises should be solved and handed in:

Home ex. 1

Home ex. 2 

Home ex. 3  

Home ex. 4  

Home ex. 5 

Guest Lecture 2019

A guest lecture by Ola Flode'n, who is currently at Volvo Cars, has a PhD from Structural mechanics in Lund. He will present his work on dynamic analysis of structures both as a PhD student, working with civil engineering applications, and as senior CAE engineer at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg.

Project 1

Project description 2019

The experimental work is done in the form of three demo lab sessions with date and time according to e-mail.

Lab data for the frame exposed to an impulse load:

  • A document with comments on the data file
  • A file with free vibration response for all floors: transdat

Lab data for the frame driven in steady state at resonances:

Comments on how to write the reports for Project 1 & 2 are given here

Lecture on measurement techniques

Juan Negreiras slides from the guest lecture (2018) are here

A document with an example of FFT according to Juan's lecture with a function performing it is found here.

Project 2 in 2019

Project assignment 2019

The Lab schedule for Project 2 demo sessions is booked according to mail.

Experimental 2019: The laboratory modes & frequencies as well as the transient data from the demo lab 2019 have been sent to you by mail. Transient data: Matlab data files with data for hammer, acc1, acc2 and acc3. Some videos of the modes were also sent by mail.

Report: Comments on how to write the reports for Project 1 & 2 are given here 

ABAQUS - tutorials

ABAQUS Tutorial 1 - Solid modelling

ABAQUS Tutorial 2 - Shell modelling

ABAQUS Tutorial 3 - Assemblies

ABAQUS Tutorial 4 - Dynamic analyses

Lecture by Kent Persson on Finite element modelling and analysis with ABAQUS:

Abaqus FEA (2017)

Presentations proj. 2:  

Presentations will be held on Thuesday 19/3 at Structural Mechanics conference room on floor five.

Presentation times for each group are booked as: Gr 3 & 5 kl 10.00-11.00, Gr 1 & 6 kl 11.00-12.00, and Gr 2 & 4 kl 13.00-14.00.

Instructions for presentations and opposition 

Solved examples

Here are some solved examples from lecture 21/2-12:

Examples & solutions


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