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VSMN10 Strukturdynamiska beräkningar

Points & Grades 2018

All points and the grades here

Course program

Program 2018 (updated 15/1-18)

Schedule changes (updated 25/1)

Home exercises

These five home exercises should be solved and handed in:

Home ex. 1

Home ex. 2 

Home ex. 3  

Home ex. 4  

Home ex. 5 

Guest Lecture 2018

There will be a guest lecture shared by Ola Flode'n and Peter Persson on dynamic application at Volvo Cars and vibrations in the built environment, respectively. Ola is PhD and CAE engineer and Peter is assistant professor in Structural mechanics.

Date, time, and place: 22/2 kl 13.15-15.00 in V:R2 

Project 1

Project description 2018

Lab schedule 2018: This year the experimental work is done in the form of three demo lab sessions: Thuesday 30/1 kl 9-10, Thuesday kl 13-14, and Wednesday kl 13-14 with booking according to a list sent by e-mail.

Lab data for the frame exposed to an impulse load:

  • A document with comments on the data file
  • A file with free vibration response for all floors: transdat

Lab data for the frame driven in steady state at resonances:

Comments on how to write the reports for Project 1 & 2 are given here

Lecture on measurement techniques

Juan Negreiras slides from the guest lecture (2018) are here

A document with an example of FFT according to Juan's lecture with a function performing it is found here.

Project 2 in 2018

Project assignment 2018

The Lab schedule for Project 2 demo sessions 2018:  13/2, 14/2, and 16/2 see revised schedule. Group division for Project 2

Experimental: The laboratory modes & frequencies as well as the transient data from the demo lab 2018 are needed. Transient data: Matlab data files with three columns; the first is sample number, the second is time, and the third is the corresponding data: hammeracc1, acc2, acc3


Report: Comments on how to write the reports for Project 1 & 2 are given here 

ABAQUS - tutorials

ABAQUS Tutorial 1 - Solid modelling

ABAQUS Tutorial 2 - Shell modelling

ABAQUS Tutorial 3 - Assemblies

ABAQUS Tutorial 4 - Dynamic analyses

Lecture by Kent Persson on Finite element modelling and analysis with ABAQUS:

Abaqus FEA (2017)


Presentations proj. 2: (updated 2/3 -18)

Presentations will be held on Thuesday 13/3 and Wednesday 14/3 at Structural Mechanics conference room on floor five.

Presentation times for each group found here (updated 9/3-18)

Instructions for presentations and opposition 

Solved examples

Here are some solved examples from lecture 21/2-12:

Examples & solutions


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