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Peter Persson

Research Description

Dr Persson’s broader research interests are in computational mechanics where he aims at solving problems within the field of civil engineering. He currently focuses on developing computational methods and strategies with applications to predicting and reducing vibrations in our built environment with a focus on timber constructions. The research enables sustainable densified urban areas to be developed. Other research areas of interest are fluid-structure interaction problems, such as vibrating water-pipe systems, development of time-efficient numerical model, and structural design of complex wind turbine blades.

Dr Persson has been a visiting assistant professor at The University of Texas at Austin, in 2017, where he visited Dr Kallivokas and Dr Manuel. Moreover, he is working as a vibration specialist at the consultant engineering firm Sweco AB.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Wooden Buildings in Silent Sustainable Cities 2018-2022, Vinnova
  • Improved wood products for sustainable social change, 2021-2022, Richert foundation
  • Possibilities for high-performing CLT - Innovation for enhanced competitiveness, 2021-2024, Södra foundation

Teaching Activities

  • Structural Dynamic Computing (VSMN10)
  • Geology and Geotechnical Engineering (VGTA01)
  • Supervisor and examiner for Master's and Bachelor's dissertations in Structural Mechanics


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Docent, PhD

Associate Professor


+46 46 222 83 53