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Educational Material

Report TVSM-9011  (pdf not available)
Title:Bärverk - Modellering och analys
Authors: Dahlblom, Ola; Olsson, Karl-Gunnar; and Persson, Kent
206 pages. First published 2004.

Report TVSM-9010  (pdf not available)
Title:Introduktion till Strukturmekaniken
Authors: Heyden, Susanne; Dahlblom, Ola; Olsson, Anders; and Sandberg, Göran
285 pages. First published 2004.

Report TVSM-9009  (pdf not available)
Title:Problems in Structural Dynamics
Authors: Various
38 pages. First published January, 2003.

Report TVSM-9008  (pdf not available)
Title: Additional Notes in Structural Dynamics
Authors: Various
50 pages. First published January, 2003.

Report TVSM-9007  (pdf not available)
Title:CALFEM - Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube Functions for probabilistic Analysis
Author: Olsson, Anders
25 pages. First published May, 2002.

Report TVSM-9006  (pdf not available)
Authors: Gustavsson, Peter and Austrell, Per-Erik
47 pages. First published January, 2001.

Report TVSM-9005  (pdf not available)
Title: Övningsuppgifter i "Mekanik för design"
Authors: Beldie, Liliana, Gustavsson, Peter and Sandberg, Göran
60 pages. First published January, 2000.

Report TVSM-9004  (pdf not available)
Title:Kompletteringsmaterial för byggnadsmekanik
Authors: Various
67 pages. First published 1999.

Report TVSM-9003  (pdf not available)
Title:Tillämpad programmering3:e utgåvan
Authors: Lindemann, Jonas and Dahlblom, Ola
276 pages. First published 2000.

Report TVSM-9002
Author: --
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-9001  (pdf not available)
Title:CALFEM - A finite element toolbox to MATLAB. Version 3.3
Authors: Austrell, Per-Erik; Carlsson, Håkan; Dahlblom, Ola; Lindemann, Jonas; Olsson, Anders; Olsson, Karl-Gunnar; Persson, Kent; Peterson, Anders; Petersson, Hans; Ristinmaa, Matti; and Sandberg, Göran
265 pages. First published 1999.

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