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TVSM-7000 (present-2007)

Internal Reports - Page 1

Report TVSM-7170  (pdf 0.5MB)
Title: Timber and glulam beams with large circular holes
Author: Danielsson, Henrik and Serrano, Erik
15 pages. First published September, 2018.

Report TVSM-7169  (pdf 15.4 MB)
Title: Structural safety of glass components
Author: Kozlowski, Marcin
295 pages. First published December, 2020.

Report TVSM-7168  (pdf 2.8 MB)
Title: Outdoor load-bearing timber structures – Project summary report
Editor: Serrano, Erik
47 pages. First published November, 2020.

Report TVSM-7167  (pdf 0.1 MB)
Title: Notes on a plasticity model for wood in compression
Author: Serrano, Erik
8 pages. First published September, 2020.

Report TVSM-7166  (pdf 32.0 MB)
Title: Survey of experimental data on the strength of annealed float glass panes in the as-received condition tested in an ambient environment
Author: Kinsella, David
73 pages. First published May, 2018.

Report TVSM-7165  (pdf available soon)
Title: Strength and stiffness of sound reduction screw
Author: Dahlström, Jessica
8 pages. First published April, 2018.

Report TVSM-7164  (pdf 15.8 MB)
Title: Strength and stiffness of cross laminated timber at in-plane beam loading
Authors: Danielsson, Henrik; Jelec, Mario and Serrano, Erik
65 pages. First published June, 2017.

Report TVSM-7163  (pdf 1.9 MB)
Title: Cloud-based measurement system for long-term data acquisition of temperature and humidity data in a timber research facility
Author: Lempart, Michael
23 pages. First published January, 2017.

Report TVSM-7162  (pdf 59.2 MB)
Title: Vibration measurements of a wooden building structure
Author: Flodén, Ola
47 pages. First published December, 2016.

Report TVSM-7161  (pdf 1.3 MB)
Title: Lecture Notes on Some Probabilistic Strength Calculation Models
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
31 pages. First published November, 2014.

Report TVSM-7160  (pdf 0.36 MB)
Title: Path Following Solution Approaches and Integration of Constitutive Relations for a 3D Wood Cohesive Zone Model
Author: Danielsson, Henrik
21 pages. First published April, 2013.

Report TVSM-7159  (pdf 0.6 MB)
Title: Design and Perpendicular to Grain Tensile Stress in Double-Tapered Glulam Beams
Author: Danielsson, Henrik
23 pages. First published May, 2010.

Report TVSM-7158  (pdf 3.1 MB)
Title: Provningar av limträs skjuvhållfasthet hösten 2009 
Authors: Gustafsson, Per Johan; Emilsson, Arne; Crocetti, Roberto och Ormarsson, Sigurdur
42 pages. First published December, 2009.

Report TVSM-7157  (pdf 0.7 MB)
Title:Numerical Investigation of the Homogeneous Strain Assumption for Wood Fibre Composite Materials
Authors: Stålne, Kristian and Gustafsson, Per Johan
73 pages. First published November, 2008.

Report TVSM-7156  (pdf 0.4 MB)
Title:3D Homogeisation of Hygroscopic Anisotropic Fibre Network Composites
Author: Stålne, Kristian
23 pages. First published November, 2008.

Report TVSM-7155  (pdf 12.0 MB)
Title:Tests of Wooden Cleats Oriented Along Fibre
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
67 pages. First published May, 2008.

Report TVSM-7154  (pdf not available)
Title:Nonlocal Plasticity Applied to Bending of Beams
Author: Strömberg, Lena
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7153 (pdf 21.0 MB)
Title:Strength Tests of Glulam Beams with Quadratic Holes - Test Report
Author: Danielsson, Henrik
29 pages. First published March, 2008.

Report TVSM-7152  (pdf not available)
Title:Nonlocal Plasticity and Continuum Damage in Slope Stability
Author: Strömberg, Lena
32 pages. First published June, 2007.

Report TVSM-7151  (pdf not available)
Title:Nonlocal Plasticity. Exact Solutions to Integral Equations at Shear Band Localization
Author: Strömberg, Lena
23 pages. First published May, 2007.

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