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CALFEM is an interactive computer program for teaching the finite element method (FEM). The name CALFEM is an abbreviation of "Computer Aided Learning of the Finite Element Method". The program can be used for different types of structural mechanics problems and field problems.

CALFEM, the program and its built-in philosophy, have been developed at the Division of Structural Mechanics, Lund University, starting in the late 70's. Many coworkers, former and present, have been engaged in the development at different stages.

This release represents the latest development of CALFEM. The functions used are all MATLAB functions (.m-files) as described in the MATLAB documentation. We believe that this environment facilitates the versatility and handling of the program and, above all, the ease of teaching the finite element method. Calfem also works together with other software that uses the same command language as MATLAB, for example Octave.


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