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Research in structural mechanics deals with the studies of how complex structures are affected by different loads. Structures studied vary in scale from the smallest wooden cells up to bridges and buildings, and how the characteristics of these scales interact.

Our research includes the use and the development of computer based methods such as the finite element method, FEM. A computer model of a structure is built up by describing the material properties, geometry and location of the individual parts, as well as the forces acting on the structure. From this model one can simulate how the structure deforms, if it will break, how it vibrates and how it interacts with the surroundings.

The theoretical models are validated by testing in the laboratory or in-situ. The department has, among other things, mechanical testing equipment, including a larger plant with a total of 60 load rigs for duration-of-load testing of structural elements in outdoor sheltered climate.

Research areas

More information on current research and contacts is described under the following headings:

Wood-Based Structural Materials 
Structural Dynamics and Wave Propagation 
Software development
Computer based methods  
Material modelling