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TVSM-7000 (1988-1981)

Internal Reports - Page 4

Report TVSM-7050  (pdf not available)
Title:Lund University - IBM Sweden. LUNARC Progress Report 1986/88
Author: ---
33 pages.First published 1988.

Report TVSM-7049  (pdf not available)
Title:Forskning och studier vid UC Berkeley 1987-88
Author: Olsson, Mats
74 pages.First published March, 1989.

Report TVSM-7048  (pdf not available)
Title:The Finite Element Method and Modal Analysis. A Paper Presented in the Course on Theoretical Modal Analysis
Author: Carlsson, Håkan
18 pages.First published 1988.

Report TVSM-7047  (pdf not available)
Title:Finite Element Analysis of Structure-Acoustic Interaction
Authors: Carlsson, Håkan and Sandberg, Göran
14 pages.First published 1988.

Report TVSM-7046  (pdf not available)
Title:Structure-acoustic Interaction. Finite Element Analysis of an Idealized Automobile Compartment
Author: Carlsson, Håkan
41 pages.First published 1988.

Report TVSM-7045  (pdf not available)
Title:Fluid Structure Interaction. Finite Element Analysis in a Hydroacoustic Application. Part I.
Authors: Carlsson, Håkan and Sandberg, Göran
21 pages.First published February, 1989.

Report TVSM-7044  (pdf not available)
Title:Några synpunkter och en utvärdering av en provningsserie i samband med revidering av VAV P9
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
20 pages.First published October, 1988.

Report TVSM-7043  (pdf not available)
Title:Integrerade CAE-system inom svensk träindustri
Authors: Hansson, Pål och Enquist, Bertil
24 pages.First published 1988.

Report TVSM-7042  (pdf not available)
Title:Träbalks hållfasthet vid rätvinklig urtagning
Authors: Gustafsson, Per Johan och Enquist, Bertil
138 pages.First published November, 1988.

Report TVSM-7041  (pdf not available)
Title:Effect of Tension Softening and Cracking on Drying Shrinkage of Concrete
Authors: Mårtensson, Annika and Thelandersson, Sven
48 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7040  (pdf not available)
Title:The Development of the Finite Element Method
Authors: Mårtensson, Annika and Carlsson, Håkan
17 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7039  (pdf not available)
Title:Two Papers on the Mechanical Behaviour of Adhesive Joints
Authors: Gustafsson, Per Johan and Wernersson, Håkan
31 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7038  (pdf not available)
Title:Integrerade system för småhusprojektering
Author: Tullberg, Annika
28 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7037  (pdf not available)
Title:Wood Materials Under Combined Mechanical and Hygral Loading
Authors: Mårtensson, Annika and Thelandersson, Sven
26 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7036  (pdf not available)
Title:Fracturing, Material Softening and Finite Element Analysis
Author: Petersson, Hans
21 pages.First published 1988.

Report TVSM-7035  (pdf not available)
Title:Stålarmerade träbalkar. Inverkan av armering och fuktväxlingar på styvhetsegenskaperna i böjning
Authors: Wernersson, Håkan och Enquist, Bertil
34 pages.First published 1988.

Report TVSM-7034  (pdf not available)
Title:En experimentell jämförelse mellan spikade och skruvade träförband
Author: Enquist, Bertil
46 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7033  (pdf not available)
Title:A Symmetric Finite Element Formulation for Acoustic Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis
Authors: Sandberg, Göran and Göransson, Peter
16 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7032  (pdf not available)
Title:Om icke-lokal kontinuumsmekanik
Author: Nilsson, Christer
17 pages.First published 1987.

Report TVSM-7031  (pdf not available)
Title:Large Displacement Analysis of Thin Shells. Approximate updated Lagrangian formulation considering both initial stresses and initial displacements
Authors: Jingyu, Sun, Peterson, Anders and Petersson, Hans
15 pages.First published 1986.

Report TVSM-7030  (pdf not available)
Title:Träkonstruktioner. Grundläggande byggmekanikforskning. Material och förbindningar
Author: Thelandersson, Sven (projektledare)
31 pages.First published 1986.

Report TVSM-7029  (pdf not available)
Title:Limning av trä
Author: Wernersson, Håkan
26 pages.First published 1986.

Report TVSM-7028  (pdf not available)
Title:Sorption och fukttransport i trä
Author: Mårtensson, Annika
34 pages.First published 1986.

Report TVSM-7027  (pdf not available)
Title:Komponenter, element och systemlösningar av trä och träbaserade material. En exposé över nuläget.
Author: Enquist, Bertil
40 pages.First published 1986.

Report TVSM-7026  (pdf not available)
Title:Finit element-modellering av spikförband
Authors: Olsson, Karl-Gunnar och Petersson, Hans
24 pages.First published Novemeber, 1985.

Report TVSM-7025  (pdf not available)
Title:Computer Aided Design of Structural Components
Author: Hansson, Pål
Licentiate Dissertation
4 pages. First published November, 1985.

Report TVSM-7024  (pdf not available)
Title:Studieresa Västtyskland 1985
Author: Olsson, Mats
21 pages.First published December, 1985.

Report TVSM-7023  (pdf not available)
Title:Några vanliga approximationer vid strukturdynamisk analys
Author: Persson, Tomas och Olsson, Mats
57 pages.First published February, 1986.

Report TVSM-7022  (pdf not available)
Title:On Finite Analysis of Geometrically Nonlinear Problems
Authors: Peterson, Anders and Petersson, Hans
17 pages.First published 1985.

Report TVSM-7021  (pdf not available)
Title:Krypning hos ABS-plast i apparatlådor
Authors: Jönsson, Jörgen och Thelandersson, Sven
24 pages.First published 1986.

Report TVSM-7020  (pdf not available)
Title:Fluid-Structure Interaction. Finite Element Modelling of Small Amplitude Coupled Vibration
Author: Sandberg, Göran
49 pages.First published April, 1984.

Report TVSM-7019  (pdf not available)
Title:Byggdataresa USA '83
Authors: Rehn, Paul och Hansson, Pål
27 pages.First published April, 1984.

Report TVSM-7018  (pdf not available)
Title:POSTTEMP - Postprocessor for two Dimensional Heat Flow Analysis
Author: Paulsson, Mats
25 pages.First published 1983.

Report TVSM-7017  (pdf not available)
Title:Finite Element Analysis of Structures with Nonlinear Material Behaviour
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
Licentiate Dissertation
7 pages.First published October, 1983.

Report TVSM-7016  (pdf not available)
Title:CAMFEM Applied to Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
48 pages.First published October, 1983.

Report TVSM-7015  (pdf not available)
Title:The Finite Element Method in Structural Dyamics with Applications to Earthquake and Moving Load Analysis
Author: Olsson, Mats
Licentiate Dissertation
7 pages.First published 1983.

Report TVSM-7014  (pdf not available)
Title:Multiaxial Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Material Models
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
107 pages.First published October, 1983.

Report TVSM-7013  (pdf not available)
Title:Linjär platteori
Authors: Hansson, Pål och Rehn, Paul
54 pages.First published April, 1984.

Report TVSM-7012  (pdf not available)
Title:Några problem vid dimensionering av armerade betongplattor med finita elementmetoden
Authors: Hansson, Pål och Rhen, Paul
19 pages.First published April, 1984.

Report TVSM-7011  (pdf not available)
Title:PRETEMP - Preprocessor for Finite Element Analysis of Non-Linear Transient Heat Conduction
Author: Paulsson, Mats
79 pages.First published 1983.

Report TVSM-7010  (pdf not available)
Title:RITA - Några plottningsrutiner
Authors: Rehn, Paul och Hansson, Pål
14 pages.First published 1983.

Report TVSM-7009  (pdf not available)
Title:Some Aspects on CAD and FEM in the Design of Structural Components
Author: Petersson, Hans
14 pages.First published February, 1983.

Report TVSM-7008  (pdf not available)
Title:Calculation Methods in Earthquake Engineering
Author: Olsson, Mats
65 pages.First published October, 1982.

Report TVSM-7007  (pdf not available)
Title:RAM - Datorprogram för plana ramar
Author: Peterson, Anders
50 pages.First published October, 1982.

Report TVSM-7006  (pdf not available)
Title:Kortfattad manual till programpaketet - PLATTA
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
24 pages.First published September, 1982.

Report TVSM-7005  (pdf not available)
Title:Kortfattad manual till programpaketet - SKIVA
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
19 pages.First published 1982.

Report TVSM-7004  (pdf not available)
Title:DYNFRAME - Datorprogram för dynamiskt belastde plana ramar
Author: Olsson, Mats
63 pages.First published July, 1982.

Report TVSM-7003  (pdf not available)
Title:Byggnadsmekanikens grunder
Authors: Petersson, Hans och Thelandersson, Sven
21 pages.First published November, 1981.

Report TVSM-7002  (pdf not available)
Title:Material Modelling of Structural Steel at High Temperature
Author: Peterson, Anders
21 pages.First published February, 1981.

Report TVSM-7001  (pdf not available)
Title:Nonlinear Analysis of thick-walled Tube Subjected to Thermal Shock Loading
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
43 pages.First published November, 1981.

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