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TVSM-7000 (1995-1989)

Internal Reports - Page 3

Report TVSM-7100
Title: ---
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7099  (pdf not available)
Title:Bärförmåga hos IG-fotrör, beräkningar för olika belastningstyper
Authors: Dahlblom, Ola och Gustafsson, Per Johan
36 pages. First published December, 1995.

Report TVSM-7098
Title: ---
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7097
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7096  (pdf not available)
Title:Conferences '95 - Papers presented at conferences during 1995.
Authors: Various
133 pages. First published June, 1997.

 Report TVSM-7095  (pdf not available)
Title:A network Model for Application to Cellulose Fibre Materials
Authors: Heyden, Susanne and Gustafsson, Per Johan
To be presented at the 7th International Conference on Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, The Netherlands, May 1995.
19 pages. First published May, 1996

 Report TVSM-7094  (pdf not available)
Title:Mechanical Properties of Carbon-Black-Filled Rubber Vulcanizates: Mechanical Conditioning and fit of Hyperelastic Models
Author: Austrell, Per-Erik
24 pages. First published August, 1996.

Report TVSM-7093  (pdf not available)
Title:Hyperelastic Constants for Carbon-Black-Filled Rubber Vulcanizates
Author: Austrell, Per-Erik
71 pages. First published August, 1996.

Report TVSM-7092  (pdf not available)
Title:Numerical Simulations of Initial Defibration Processes
Authors: Holmberg, S., Petersson, H., and Serrano, E.
43 pages. First published September, 1994.

Report TVSM-7091  (pdf not available)
Title:Mass Matrices in Finite Element Analysis: An Overview and a Numerical Study
Author: Hansson, Per-Anders
26 pages. First published 1996.

Report TVSM-7090  (pdf not available)
Title: Probabilistic Response Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants
Authors: Carlsson, Håkan and Sandberg, Göran
15 pages. First published October, 1995.

Report TVSM-7089
Title: ---
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7088  (pdf not available)
Title:Att beräkna limträbalkars momentkapacitet
Author: Serrano, Erik
35 pages. First published May, 1994.

Report TVSM-7087  (pdf not available)
Title:Bågkonstruktioner av träbaserade lättbalkar
Authors: Enquist, Bertil och Serrano, Erik
62 pages. First published June, 1994.

Report TVSM-7086  (pdf not available)
Title:Two-Dimensional Simulation of Wood Deformation During Drying
Authors: Ormarsson, Sigurdur and Dahlblom, Ola
36 pages.First published March, 1994.

Report TVSM-7085  (pdf not available)
Title:Conference Abstracts 1993
Authors: Various
21 pages.First published February, 1994.

Report TVSM-7084  (pdf not available)
Title:Influence of Plastic Dissipation on Apparent Fracture Energy Determined by a Three-Point Beding Test
Authors: Persson, Kent, Gustafsson, Per Johan, and Petersson, Hans
Presented at the COST 508 WG Workshop on Wood; Plasticity and Damage, April 1st and 2nd 1993, Limerick, Ireland.
12 pages.First published September, 1993.

Report TVSM-7083  (pdf not available)
Title:Fibre Reinforcement of Glulam: Summary and Reports 1-7
Authors: Dahlblom, O., Enquist, B., Gustafsson, P.J., Knudsen, R., Larsen, H.J., Ormarsson, S., and Traberg, S.
154 pages.First published June, 1993.

Report TVSM-7082  (pdf not available)
Title:A Modification of the Tsai-Wu Failure Criterion for the Biaxial Strength of Paper
Author: Tryding, Johan
9 pages.First published August, 1993.

Report TVSM-7081  (pdf not available)
Title:A New Strategy for Solving Fluid-Structure Problems
Author: Sandberg, Göran
Submitted for publication in the "International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering".
23 pages.First published August, 1993.

Report TVSM-7080  (pdf not available)
Title:Bond-Test of Concrete and Overlays
Author: Petersen, C.G., Dahlblom, O., and Worters, P.
Presented at the Int. Conference "Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering", The British Inst. of Non-Destructive Testing, Liverpool, England, 1993
14 pages.First published August, 1993.

Report TVSM-7079  (pdf not available)
Title:Wood research at the Division of Structural Mechanics at the Lund University
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
Presented at "The International Seminar", Faculty of Wood Technology, Agricultural University of Poznan, November 19-20th, 1992.
6 pages.First published August, 1993.

Report TVSM-7078  (pdf not available)
Title:Application of Fracture Mechanics to Wood and Wood Adhesive Joints
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
Presented at "The International Seminar", Faculty of Wood Technology, Agricultural University of Poznan, November 19-20th, 1992.
18 pages.First published August, 1993.

Report TVSM-7077  (pdf not available)
Title:Some Remarks on Modal Properties of Coupled Problems
Author: Sandberg, Göran
Presented at the Fifth Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics, Aalborg, 5-6 November, 1992.
7 pages.First published February, 1992.

Report TVSM-7076  (pdf not available)
Title:HACON-H. A Program for Determination of Heat Development Parameters for Hardening Concrete
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
18 pages.First published 1992.

Report TVSM-7075  (pdf not available)
Title:HACON-S. A Program for Simulation of Stress in Hardening Concrete
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
78 pages.First published 1992.

Report TVSM-7074  (pdf not available)
Title: Nordtest; Wood: Fracture Energy in Tension Perpendicular to the Grain
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
6 pages.Off-print only. First published 1994.

Report TVSM-7073
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7072  (pdf not available)
Title:Den elementära balkteorins utveckling
Authors: Hansson, Per-Anders och Heyden, Susanne
25 pages.First published September, 1992.

Report TVSM-7071  (pdf not available)
Title:Timber Beams Notched at the Support
Authors: Riberholt, H., Enquist, B., Gustafsson, P.J., and Jensen, R. B.
178 pages.First published April, 1992.

Report TVSM-7070  (pdf not available)
Title:Egenspänningar, sprickbildning och kupning vid virkestorkning - Inledande studie
Authors: Mårtensson, A., Arfvidsson, J., and Dahlblom, O.
38 pages.First published 1992.

Report TVSM-7069
Title: ---
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7068  (pdf not available)
Title:Fracture Characterization of Wood Adhesive Joints
Author: Wernersson, Håkan
10 pages.First published August, 1992.

Report TVSM-7067  (pdf not available)
Title:Tests With Glass-fibre Reinforcement of wood Perpendicular to the Grain
Authors: Larsen, H.J., Gustafsson, P.J., and Enquist, B.
A project under the Danish research programme "New Advanced Ligno-Cellulosic Materials Based on Straw and Wood".
37 pages. First published February, 1992.

Report TVSM-7066  (pdf not available)
Title:Statisk analys av skjuvbelastad axialsymmetrisk gummikomponent
Author: Austrell, Per-Erik
33 pages.First published 1991.

Report TVSM-7065  (pdf not available)
Title:Lund University - IBM Sweden. LUNARC Progress Report 1989/90
Author: ---
35 pages.First published 1990.

Report TVSM-7064  (pdf not available)
Title:A Finite Element Formulation of Nonlinear Wave Propagation With Application to Cavitation
Author: Sandberg, Göran
17 pages.First published September, 1991.

Report TVSM-7063
Title: ---
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7062  (pdf not available)
Title:Provning av brottegenskaper hos några olika trälimfogar
Author: Enquist, Bertil
I samarbete med Casco Nobel AB
-- pages.First published June, 1991.

Report TVSM-7061  (pdf not available)
Title:Provning av epoxilimmet ESP110 genom dragning av överlappsförband statiskt och cykliskt
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
Prepared in cooperation with Volvo Truck Corporation, Product Development Division.
38 pages.First published June, 1991.

Report TVSM-7060  (pdf not available)
Title:The Usage of USA-Stags in Underwater Shock Analysis
Authors: Sandberg, G., Carlsson, H., Pettersson, A., and Winberg, P.
36 pages.First published September, 1991.

Report TVSM-7059  (pdf not available)
Title:Nonlocal Constitutive Modelling of Softening Materials. Part I: Continuum Formulation. Revised 1994
Author: Nilsson, Christer
107 pages.First published 1992.

Report TVSM-7058  (pdf not available)
Title:HACON-T - A Program for Simulation of Temperature in Hardening Concrete
Author: Dahlblom, Ola
54 pages.First published 1990.

Report TVSM-7057  (pdf not available)
Title:Balk på gummidämppare; ett numeriskt exempel
Authors: Hansson, Per-Anders och Sandberg, Göran
15 pages.First published October, 1990.

Report TVSM-7056  (pdf not available)
Title:Structure-Acoustic Interaction. Harmonic and Transient Response Using Lanczos Coordinates
Author: Carlsson, Håkan
28 pages.First published 1990.

Report TVSM-7055  (pdf not available)
Title:Structure-Acoustic Interaction. Finite Element Formulations and Model Problems
Author: Carlsson, Håkan
68 pages.First published 1990.

Report TVSM-7054
Author: ---
-- pages. N/A

Report TVSM-7053  (pdf not available)
Title:Torsion of Elastic Axi-Symmetric Adhesive Joint - Theory for Stress Analysis and Optimal Design
Author: Gustafsson, Per Johan
83 pages.First published September, 1990.

Report TVSM-7052  (pdf not available)
Title:Lund University - IBM Sweden. LUNARC Progress Report 1988/89
Author: ---
31 pages.First published 1989.

Report TVSM-7051  (pdf not available)
Title:Fluid-Structure Interaction; Finite Element Analysis of Piping Systems
Author: Sandberg, Göran
33 pages. First published October, 1990.

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